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remote control tool for X11 servers

This tool connects to a local and a remote X11 server (display) and forwards X11 events between them. Essentially, a window can be "mirrored" and remotely controlled, this can be as simple as an xterm or as wide as the root window (i.e. duplicating the whole screen, akin to what NX or VNC does).
To improve performance (we are copying bitmap data over the network, this is slow) a small "viewport" can be created that can be resized and panned across the remote screen/window.



Q: Why not use NX/VNC?
A: Because sometimes you don't want to install software on the remote host.
Q: How do I move the "viewport" about?
A: Hold down the <Ctrl> and <Alt> keys and "drag" the viewport around with the mouse.


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